Deco-Poz Concrete Bonding Polymer

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+ Non Toxic Water-Based Acrylic Bonding Polymer

+ Simply Add to Concrete Mix or Customize Polymer Ratio

+ Add Crack Resistance to Resurfacer Cement Mix

+ Increases Compressive Strength to Cement Mix

+ Tenacious Bond Strength

+ Adds High Sulfate & Efflorescence Resistance


+ LEED V4 & Green Globes Compliant

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Deco-Poz™ Concrete Microtopping is a high performance decorative concrete resurfacer made with a 100% recycled pozzolan that not only replaces up to 20% portland cement content, it adds 20% more strength, and reduces sulfate attack. It will tenaciously bond to virtually any surface to allow you to transform or re-purpose the substrate and turn it into a new concrete surface that you may integrally color, paint, stain, or is hard enough to be diamond polished.

A special solvent-free bonding polymer is added to our white or gray concrete mix to make it a self bonding cement application. The blended mixture is adjusted to the appropriate viscosity suitable for either vertical, horizontal, or hopper spray applications. Our concrete resurfacer has a very smooth flow due to the very fine particle size of our powder fillers unlike most competitors.

It is recommended to apply our concrete microtopping in two (2) thin coats@ 1/32" each for a total of 1/16". This will yield approx­imately 150-200 sq.ft. per 40 lb kit or 35 - 50 sq.ft. per 10 lb kit. Thicker applications up to 1/8" are typical if concrete polishing with fine glass such a terrazzo type surface designs are desired. This added thickness allows better encapsulation of glass and supports the necessary polishing stages. Otherwise, thicker is not better and does not increase strength or durability. You may apply Deco-Poz from a zero edge to no more than 1/ 4" in multiple coats. Its a fast dry cement microtopping that will dry to the touch within 2 to 4 hours.

Intended uses include resurfacing old worn concrete that are unstainable or to simply make it look new again. It gives old or previously painted concrete a new concrete canvas for restaining. Deco-Poz Concrete Resurfacer is also popular to transform other surfaces such as wood, fiberglass, laminates and more into a new concrete surface. The most popular budget home remodeling projects include creating new concrete shower surrounds, new concrete countertops, and decorative wall features that can replicate plaster yet is significantly harder and stronger. 

Chemical Type: Water-Based Acrylic Polymer
Typical Coverage w/1 Gallon Polymer: 150 - 200 Sq.Ft. @ 1/16"
Typical Coverage w/1 Quart Polymer: 35 - 50 Sq.Ft. @ 1/16"
Typical Dry Time: 2 - 4 Hours
VOC Content: <10 Grams/Liter
Installation Guide
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