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Soy-It Lead Paint & HD Stripper, 2 Oz Sample

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Soy-It Lead Paint & HD Stripper is the leading bio based professional grade safety solvent used for removing lead paint and chemical resistant coatings. An effective and safe environmental remediation removal system. It has been formulated to remove multiple layers of oil, latex, lead paint, epoxies, urethanes, elastomerics, and chlorinated rubber coatings. Unlike methylene chloride and other strippers, Soy-It is safe to use on wood, brick, stone, plaster, metal, fiberglass, graphite and steel. Ideal for use in the construction, marine, automotive and aerospace industries.

Urethane Stripper - Lead Paint Stripper - Elastomeric Coating Remover
Epoxy Remover - Marine Paint Remover - Chlorinated Rubber Remover
Mastic & Adhesive Remover - Asbestos Tile


Soy-It is the safest method of removing lead paint because it doesn't evaporate under normal conditions. It will keep the painted surface from drying out and will not allow the creation of airborne lead dust. During the removal of asbestos tiles, Soy-It creates a seal of the mastic and prevents asbestos dust from becoming airborne. Outperforms other paint strippers and solvents to help you get the job done fast and safe. The strongest formulation with less odor than competitive products.

Time Savings:
Save numerous labor hours with our easily flow viscosity that allows application by conventional HD pump sprayer. The balance of viscosity to allow fast application and optimum coverage saves time and material. One gallon covers up to 200 sq.ft depending on the porosity of the surface and thickness of material required. Soy-It is the most economical at only pennies per square feet.

Soy-It Lead Paint & HD Stripper is the preferred choice among professionals and do it yourself users that require time savings, high performance, non-offensive odors, and environmentally compliant solutions. Soy-It is used by floor cleaning contractors, flooring contractors, professional painters, furniture restoration, boat restoration, facilities maintenance, government facilities and more...


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    Soy It

    Posted by Grace Mullin on Apr 12th 2019

    This product is working on removing the very old mastic type adhesive on my concrete step--although it is not easy or fast. I will need to order more product to complete this project. I like using it because the very faint scent is great. I chiseled the top most part of the hard mastic off and have been keeping the spots wet with spray and scraping and finally wire brushing. Patience is definitely as assett! Certainly better than poison fumes and i highly recommend.