Acri-Soy Concrete Sealer & Wood Sealer Sample, 2 Oz



+ Sample Size Sealer for Testing, Craft Projects, & Visual Acceptance

+ Waterproofing Sealant That's Virtually Odorless

+ Integrally Bonds to Wood Fibers and Within Concrete Pores

+ No Surface Film to Flake or Peel for Longest Service Life

+ UV, Moisture, Abrasion, Chemical, & Efflorescence Resistant

+ Protects Wood and Concrete Surfaces From Premature Decay


+ CDPH VOC Emissions Certified

+ ILBC Red List Free Compliant

+ WELL Compliant

+ LEED V4 & Green Globes Compliant

+ Plant Based Material Content

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Recommended for unsealed wood decks, fences, sheds, siding, garden planters, gazebos as well as for 
concrete driveway, garage floors, decorative concrete, patios, walkways, precast concrete, bridges, tunnels, & more. 

This is our 2 ounce sample of the Acri-Soy™ Penetrating Wood Sealer & Concrete Sealer, a 100% non-toxic clear water repelling sealant. The advanced formulation is made with proprietary water-based plant oil hybrid emulsion chemistry to better integrally seal surfaces safely to protect and preserve porous surfaces such as concrete, wood, brick, block, plaster, stucco, adobe, and tile grout.

A 2 ounce sample will cover up to 6 square feet depending on the surface porosity and volume of material applied. The proper application is to brush or pad wipe the sealer onto an unsealed porous surface. Make sure that the sealer does not puddle on the surface. It is intended for full absorption into to the pores or fibers below the surface for a non-topical integral seal.

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Chemical Type: 100% WB Acrylics, Bio-Based Hybrid Emulsion

Typical Coverage: 400 - 600 Sq.Ft. Per Gallon (Depends on Porosity)

Typical Dry Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

VOC Content: 0 Grams/Liter



Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Installation Guide



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