Anti Slip Additives

Select Your Desired Anti Slip Additives Type & Size:

We carry two popular types of Non Slip Additives to allow the installer to create a non skid texture on virtually any concrete or wood substrate. Our aggregates are chosen for durability, functionality, and performance objectives. These aggregates are used with our Eco-Tuff Clear Coat or Eco-Tuff Floor Coating products and are suitable for use with other coatings formulated for compatibility with the addition of aggregates.

80 Mesh Recycled Glass Powder: 100% Recycled Clear Fine Mesh Glass Powder Additive delivers a low profile non slip texture that is suitable for use in clear coats or solid color coatings suitable for interior or exterior use. Our 80 mesh powder is equivalent to the texture of 80-120 grit sandpaper. Our glass powder is stronger than sand and is as strong as quartz without the crystalline silica for safe long lasting durability. Add safety and sustainability into your coating project.

Rubber Mesh Aggregate: 100% Recycled 40 Mesh Rubber Powder Additive provides a resilient non slip texture that is intended for use with solid color coatings. Our recycled rubber powder is off white and absorbs color very well which increases color durability. The resilient non skid texture is an ideal barefoot friendly solution and is suitable for interior or exterior projects.

Broadcast or In-Can Mix:
Mix 1 lb additive per 1 gallon of Eco-Tuff Coating for a standard fill texture which provides an approximate 75% coverage. Add more or less as desired. Mix well in can. Broadcast by hand or feed spreader to regulate amount of cover over the first coat while wet. With either process, once the first coat is dry, sweep and/or vacuum to remove any loose aggregates prior to topcoat finish. Apply the finish topcoat as usual. Apply 1 or more clear coats or color topcoats as desired.