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SoyCrete Penetrating Concrete Stain

SoyCrete Concrete Stain & Sealer

The SoyCrete Brand Concrete Stain Choices:

Our unique concrete stain technology was an industry first developed almost 20 years ago to enable an integral, natural mottling effect like acid stain, but with the safety and color control of a water-based stain. We formulated a hybrid chemistry using plant-based emulsion (derived from the soybean plant) and water, which creates better natural absorption that carries the colorant into the concrete without leaving a painted film. 

See the original SoyCrete Concrete Stain here. Over the years as our professional grade concrete stain gained traction into major projects around the world, the DIY consumer grew significantly and we realized that we needed to add a product that applies similarly to an over the counter conventional water-based concrete stain for those that are not experienced in the trade. Concrete staining is not necessarily difficult, but could present installation issues if you do not have experience in the trade to understand various conditions. Thus, we formulated the best version of both worlds by integrating our hybrid plant based emulsion chemistry with a bio-polyurethane resin to create a concrete stain and sealer in one to provide more flexibility or forgiveness during the concrete stain installation. See our SoyCrete Concrete Stain & Sealer here. 

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