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Avia Acid Biodegradable Eco Acid Wash, 1 Gal

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AVIA-ACID™ is a powerful, safe solution designed for the transportation and maintenance cleaning industry. Its advanced oil-dispersing bio-surfactant penetrates deep into concrete pores, breaking down oil deposits and other stubborn soils. The organic acid within the formula reacts with the calcium in concrete, removing top micro layers leaving a fresh, newer-looking surface. For best results, use with automated powerwash heated systems and test efficacy with various water dilutions. Concentrate is typically used for first time deep cleaning. Thereafter, it may be suitable to dilute up to 3 parts water to 1 part solution.

AVIA-ACID™ is a concentrated, low-to-no foam solution that offers a better and safer alternative to muriatic acid, citric, or phosphoric acid products. It is derived from salt molecules to form an acid solution with a pH less than < 1. When combined with the bio-surfactant, it provides an effective one-two punch for solving deep cleaning challenges.

The formula generates some foam caused by the initial chemical reaction with concrete, but will dissipate during the dwell time then will extract as a low-to-no foam solution. This feature is critical for most automated cleaning systems. AVIA-ACID™ is also not a skin or respiratory sensitizer, and will not harm vegetation when neutralized with water.

In summary, AVIA-ACID™ Eco Acid Wash is an advanced cleaning solution that offers a powerful, safe, and efficient way to deep clean concrete surfaces. It's perfect for those tough cleaning challenges that normal powerwashing cannot handle. The newer looking surface profile will be ideal for our Acri-Soy Penetrating Sealer to help resist staining and allows easier cleaning.