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Anti Slip Additive, 80 Mesh, 1Lb

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Our 100% Recycled Clear Glass Powder Aggregate provides enhanced slip resistance while being virtually undetectable and maintains your substrate colors when used with our Eco-Tuff Clearcoat. This environmentally favorable aggregate is a popular silica sand substitute that consists of 100% recycled glass. 80 Mesh is equivalent to the texture of 80-120 grit sandpaper.

Broadcast or In-Can Mix: Mix 1 lb
aggregate per 1 gallon of Eco-Tuff Coating for a standard fill texture which provides an approximate 75% coverage. Add more or less as desired. Broadcast by hand or feed spreader to regulate amount of cover over the first coat while wet. With either process, once the first coat is dry, sweep and/or vacuum to remove any loose aggregates prior to topcoat finish. Apply the finish topcoat as usual. Apply 1 or more clear coats or color topcoats as desired.

Intended Use: Where enhanced slip resistance is required: entryways, steps, decks, wet areas, ramps, etc.