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Avia Seal Penetrating Concrete Sealer, 55 Gal

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AVIA-SEAL is a non-toxic clear stain repelling concrete sealant formulated with our proprietary soy methyl ester oil in water hybrid emulsion chemistry that safely protects unsealed porous cementitious surfaces. Unlike topical acrylic sealers, AVIA-SEAL provides a breathable, fast drying, non film forming integral seal that will never flake or peel. Its the final phase of the AVIA CLEANING SYSTEM that helps resist aviation, automotive, and other transportation related liquids or soils, making it much easier to clean during regular maintenance cleaning.

AVIA-SEAL is the best concrete sealer to use providing a natural matte appearance with no change in surface coefficient of friction. The non-film forming chemistry is breathable allowing moisture vapors to escape and offers resistance to efflorescence formation which will help prolong concrete life. Our integral seal unlike topical sealers will not require stripping when service touchup or recoats are required.

Our environmentally responsible concrete sealer is virtually odorless and there is never a concern about accidental combustion or residual toxic offgassing as compared to many competitive sealers. Save time, materials, and costs without compromising health or environmental welfare.