Avia Cleaning System

The Avia Cleaning System is a group of products that provides an effective solution for the ongoing cleaning maintenance of concrete surfaces exposed to oil leaks and other common liquid spills. Environments such as airports, bus depots, parking lots, etc. require specialized equipment from spray cleaning to full cleaning and extraction. Even with these systems that generate agitation and heat, difficult staining will remain. While it may be impossible to always remove 100% of the shadow residuals, getting to the point of maximum clean with preventive measures greatly reduces following up cleaning time and chemicals. 

The Avia Cleaning System currently includes 1. Avia Solv Concentrated Degreaser formulated to breakdown oils and other organic soils to maximize the cleaning efficiency of the mechanical equipment being used. This requires a non corrosive yet high pH degreaser that does not generate foam that will shut down extraction systems. 2. Avia Clean Biodegradable Acid Wash formulated to react with concrete to simulate muriatic acid but without the hazards to people or the environment. This process contains special biosurfactants with very low surface tension to deep clean while removing the top microlayer of the concrete that contains organic stains to further enhance the cleaning efficiency and bring back a like new appearance. 3. Avia Seal Penetrating Sealer is used once the concrete surface has been completely cleaned to optimum levels. The natural non-film forming integral seal fills the pores of the concrete then cures to form a liquid repellant surface to keep foreign substances from seeping deep into the pores thus making it much easier to keep clean.