Eco-Etch Pro Concrete Etch & Cleaner

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Eco-Etch Pro Concrete Etcher, Concrete Cleaner, & Efflorescence Remover

Better. Safer. Faster.
Eco-Etch Pro is a water-based non-hazardous, non-corrosive, biodegradable concentrate concrete etcher, efflorescence remover, and concrete cleaner. It is the ideal muriatic acid etch alternative. This advanced formula incorporates a custom blend of bio-surfactants and organic minerals for the safest concrete acid etching solution available. This acid etch alternative does not contain phosphoric, hydrochloric or muriatic acid, yet works better, safer and faster. Eco-Etch Pro is the preferred eco-friendly and user friendly acid etching alternative for interior or exterior surface preparation applications. The acid etching alternative, and concrete etching product will not burn skin, corrode mild steel, or harm vegetation.

Use this for concrete etching, and as an acid etching alternative for masonry, brick pavers, concrete pavers, concrete floors, and grout to properly prepare substrates for optimum penetration and adhesion of stains, paints, industrial coatings, and sealers. Eco-Etch Pro is also a great efflorescence remover while cleaning dirt, clay, mortar deposits, and light rust. A one step concrete etch and clean solution that brings back a new look surface. This concrete etching product and acid etching alternative is highly recommended for use with SoyCrete Concrete Stains, Concrete Sealers, and Eco-Tuff Coatings for optimum porosity and desirable results.

Eco Etch Pro begins to work immediately upon contact without toxic hazards or dangerous skin burns associated with traditional acid formulas. It should be used in full strength or diluted up to 2:1 (makes up to 3 gallons) with water for lighter cleaning requirements as pre-tested for proper efficacy. One gallon will cover up to 250 square feet concentrated and 750 diluted for *light cleaning. (*not for adequate etching). Dwell time will vary from 5 to 15 minutes which is also affected by the dilution ratio, porosity, and temperature. Rinsing thoroughly with water neutralizes the etching action. Make sure the solution creates a reactive foam and remains wet during the etching process. Check out our bulk Concrete Cleaning Solution here.

The Basics:

  1. Be sure the concrete is free of all sealers, curing compounds, and contaminants that prohibits reaction of Eco-Etch to the calcium and lime inherent in concrete. Pretest a small area to determine effective concentration and dwell time (5-15 minutes).
  2. White foaming must occur to confirm proper chemical reaction upon contact. Allow sufficient dwell time, keeping the solution wet to achieve desired profile level.
  3. Work in small manageable sections to avoid letting the solution dry. Apply evenly with a pump sprayer or spread uniformly with a hard bristle brush. 
  4. After the 5 to 15 minute dwell time as determined by your test patch, water rinse with agitation by hard bristle brush, powerwasher, or floor machine with a black scrubbing pad to thoroughly clean of all concrete dust residue with clean rinse water. Repeat as necessary to ensure all residue has been removed.
  5. You want to observe small micro pores in the concrete after completion. Lightly spray water in a test area to confirm water absorbs immediately and darkens the concrete. Repeat etching process and increase dwell time to ensure optimum profiling if necessary.

As long as there is no surface barrier such as chemicals, water, or film, and the concrete still contains sufficient calcium at the surface layers, Eco-Etch Pro will work 100% of the time, guaranteed. It is scientifically impossible for the reactive organic chemistry which has an acidic base less than <1 on the pH scale, not to work on cementitious based materials while never compromising optimum safety. 

Limitations: Eco-Etch Pro is not intended to be a coating stripper. It will not remove paints, pigmented stains, sealers, and may not react if there is still evidence of a topical polymer concrete hardener. For deep oil stains use a powerful degreaser as a presoak for 2-5 minutes, then clean prior to applying Eco-Etch Pro. This will allow better penetration of the etch to help deep clean oil residue. 

Here are links to applicators available on Amazon that will give you reference to what you should have available. Or if you purchase these tools, please note that we as an Amazon Associate earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Hard Bristle Brushes

2. Floor Machine Black Pads

3. Pump Sprayers

Technical Specifications

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Installation Guide

"How to Video Series"
1. How to Properly Etch Concrete


  • 5
    Concrete Etcher

    Posted by Mike on Oct 13th 2021

    The product worked great. My biggest concern was killing my plants in front of my concrete porch, and after 2 weeks, they're all still alive !

  • 5
    Fantastic product

    Posted by Sara on Mar 31st 2021

    Our garage looks a million times better! We used the degreaser (it was ok - couldn't get our stubborn oil stains out), concrete etcher (worked great), Soycrete stain in semi-solid dark slate (amazing - 2 coats covered up many of our garage's many flaws), and then sealed with 2 coats of EcoTuff (looks great). It was so nice to use eco-friendly products and not have to deal with any odors or harmful components. Customer Service was great & helped me quickly resolve a mid-transit damage issue. Technical support was extremely helpful & patiently answered my many newbie questions (I called 3 days in a row with new questions each day/phase of the project). All of the effort into doing this ourselves was worth it, the garage floor looks great. I'm happy to support an eco-business like this and hope others will too.

  • 5
    Completely satisfied

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 7th 2019

    Same as review above.

  • 4
    Serious business!

    Posted by GwenG on May 9th 2019

    I used this product to clean a new slab in preparation for stainng. I had porosity, but still had dust and crud so I thought this would be the right product to get the floor really clean. Don't let that Eco word fool you, this is an aggressive etch and where it puddled a little it left a mark in the concrete. I diluted it way way down to use as a cleaner only. I'd say this is great for old concrete but be careful on a new slab!

  • 4
    Pleasant surprise

    Posted by Peter on Sep 3rd 2018

    Used this to clean our cabin floor that had been bare for years prior to staining the floor. Cleaned most of the surface very well. Some stains remained but overall result was good. Pleasant smell and product did not affect the finish on the walls at all. Will use again for other projects