Reflective Tape, Engineer Grade Solid 3" Wide

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Looking for increased awareness? Try Engineer Grade Reflective Tapes. These tapes offer vibrant daytime visibility and reflective properties for nighttime use.

All solid color tape is rated for use outdoors for a 7-year life span. The tape has an aggressive adhesive that will adhere to almost any clean, dry, smooth surface and meets ASTM D-4956 Type I.

Available in 2", 3", 4" widths x 30' or 150' rolls. Available Solid Tape Colors: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, White, and Red.


Surface Preparation- It is very important that the surface the tape is being adhered to is free from all contamination such as dirt, dust, grease and oil. A combination of 50/50 alcohol and water solution is usually adequate for removing most contamination. The wiper/cloth should be changed frequently (white cloth recommended). Heavy accumulation may require more aggressive cleaning techniques.

Temperature- Temperature is a critical factor in adhesive bonding and is often over-looked. All our tape products are intended to be applied in temperatures of not less than 50˚F (10˚C) and not more than listed on their data sheets. In general the closer to room temperature the better the bonding.

Pressure- Tape products should be smoothed down with 15 psi of pressure or more. This will aid in adhesive “wet out” and result in better bonding.

Time- Once the tape has been applied, the adhesive bond will continue to strengthen as it has time to cure. The ambient temperature will affect this bonding time (the colder the slower), but as a general rule good bonding will not be fully achieved for 24-48 hours after the application. Full bond strength will be reached at 72 hours (70˚F).

This data is based on typical results achieved. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer or user to ensure that the product is suitable for any proposed end use or application and to ensure proper cleaning of the substrate to which it will be applied. This data in no way constitutes a specification, nor should it be seen as a recommendation for use. We accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of these products or data. Feb 2005.