TimberSoy Fence Stain & Sealer, Color Sample, 2 Oz



+ 2 in 1 Wood Fence Stain & Sealer

+ Non Toxic Wood Stain for Fences, Sheds, Gazebos, & Wood Trim

+ Water-Based, Bio-Based Alternative to Combustible Stains

+ Maintains the Natural Beauty of Wood Grain

+ High Coverage, Fast Dry Time, & No VOCs

+ Formulated with Natural Silver Ion Antimicrobial to Mitigate Microbes


+ CDPH VOC Emissions Compliant

+ ILBC Red List Free Compliant

+ WELL Compliant

+ LEED V4 & Green Globes Compliant

+ Plant Based Material Content

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TimberSoy Wood Fence & Siding Stain is our premium wood fence, siding, shed, and trim stain & sealer. A 2 in 1 wood fence stain that is specially formulated to enhance the natural beauty of natural wood while providing superior weather and UV protection in one easy step. Our advanced bio-based emulsion chemistry mixes a solvent free 100% acrylic emulsion that integrally infuses bare wood surfaces with natural plant oil derivatives to help rejuvenate and preserve the wood for maximum investment protection. It simultaneously forms an integral thin film with a tenacious bond that creates its protective water tight seal.

Select this wood stain if you are staining exterior unfinished new or previously stained with TimberSoy Wood Stain. It is intended for porous vertical surfaces such as wood fences, wood siding, wood gazebos, wood sheds, wood pergolas, and more. Custom colors available.

Chemical Type: Water-Based, Bio-Based Hybrid Emulsion Resins
Typical Coverage: 300 - 500 Square Feet Per Gallon (Depend no Porosity)
Typical Dry Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
VOC Content: 0 Grams/Liter
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