What is The Best Concrete Stain For Your Project?

Comparison of Acid Stain, Water-Based Stain, and Hybrid Bio-Based Concrete Stains:

1. Acid Stains: Concrete acid stain reacts with the surface of the concrete. This chemical reaction will produce your color. The acid stain color must be protected by a sealer. Acid stains in general do not retain color very well when exposed to sunlight. If you go this route, do your homework. The downside of acid stain is that you are limited to earth-tone color choices. Be aware that reactive stain colors are hard to predict as it varies greatly by concrete composition. It will take up to 4 or more hours before the true color is determined. Be sure to have all the protective gear and be aware of the safety hazards and disposal of the hazardous waste after the project. 

2. Water-Based Concrete Stains: Water based stains typically relies on an acrylic binder that bonds to the concrete surface. It is very versatile and will provide the best color control. You are able to choose from a semi-transparent to solid colors. Be aware that the bond strength and surface film integrity meets the project area use requirements. Know that some water based stains can only produce a painted look rather than a naturally mottled appearance inherently generated by the concrete. 

3. Hybrid Bio-Based Concrete Stain: Our unique chemistry was an industry first that was developed almost 20 years ago to enable a integral, natural looking mottling effect like acid stain, but with the safety and color control of a water-based stain. Our hybrid chemistry with a plant-based emulsion and water, creates better natural absorption that carries the colorant into the concrete without a painted film. See our SoyCrete Concrete Stain. Our hybrid plant based emulsion chemistry also allows us to blend performance enhancing bio-polyurethane resins to create a concrete stain and sealer product that offers more flexibility that may be needed and a faster one step stain and sealer installation. See our SoyCrete Concrete Stain & Sealer.