Acri-Soy Penetrating Wood Sealer & Concrete Sealer

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+ Non Toxic Wood Sealer & Concrete Sealer

+ Waterproofing Sealant That's Virtually Odorless

+ Integrally Bonds to Wood Fibers and Within Concrete Pores

+ No Surface Film to Flake or Peel for Longest Service Life

+ UV, Moisture, Abrasion, Chemical, & Efflorescence Resistant

+ Protects Wood and Concrete Surfaces From Premature Decay


+ CDPH VOC Emissions Certified

+ ILBC Red List Free Compliant

+ WELL Compliant

+ LEED V4 & Green Globes Compliant

+ Plant Based Material Content

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Recommended for unsealed wood decks, fences, sheds, siding, garden planters, gazebos as well as for 
concrete driveway, garage floors, decorative concrete, patios, walkways, precast concrete, bridges, tunnels, & more.

Acri-Soy™ Penetrating Wood Sealer & Concrete Sealer is a 100% non-toxic clear water repelling sealant. Our advanced formulation is made with proprietary water-based plant oil hybrid emulsion chemistry to integrally seal surfaces safely to protect and preserve porous surfaces such as concrete, wood, brick, block, plaster, stucco, adobe, and tile grout.

It provides a breathable, fast drying, non-film forming integral seal within the substrate so there is no surface film to ever flake or peel. Its fast, easy application will prolong the life and natural appearance of your wood or concrete by resisting moisture, mold, mildew, efflorescence, dusting, and staining.

Acri-Soy™ is the best concrete sealer and best wood sealer to use when you desire a natural matte appearance, no change in surface coefficient of friction, and easy maintenance that doesn't require stripping. If you decide to add a topical barrier or change the sheen after your initial application, Acri-Soy becomes the perfect base sealer for our EcoPoly Sealer & Finish. Acri-Soy™ can last a lifetime when sealing properly prepared interior surfaces including garage floors, decorative plaster walls, and various wood surfaces. The exterior durability is superior due to its integral breathable bond that won't peel and the inherent UV stabilizers to combat damaging UV rays surpassing conventional outdoor wood sealers. 

In addition to superior performance features, we balance safety with every product we manufacture. You never need to worry about accidental combustion or residual toxic offgassing as compared to many competitive sealers. There are no toxins or solvent solvent odors in our formulations which is very important for interior projects. Let us help you save time, materials, and costs without jeopardizing your health or environmental welfare. Here are a few popular sealing projects:

The Best Concrete Sealer Uses: Driveway sealer, concrete floor sealer, concrete wall sealer warehouse floor sealer, precast concrete sealer, concrete microtopping sealer, stamped concrete sealer, garage floor sealer, concrete countertop sealer, fiber cement sealer, masonry block sealer, brick paver sealer, drywall sealer, plaster sealer, natural stone sealer, tile grout sealer, bird bath sealer, reptile safe wood sealer, and more...

The Best Outdoor Wood Sealer Uses: Wood deck sealer, wood trim sealer, wood furniture sealer, wood gazebo sealer, wood shed sealer, wood fence sealer, wood garden bed sealer, wood stairway sealer, and more...

Choose the best non-toxic wood and concrete wateproofing sealer. 


Chemical Type: 100% WB Acrylics, Bio-Based Hybrid Emulsion

Typical Coverage: 400 - 600 Sq.Ft. Per Gallon (Depends on Porosity)

Typical Dry Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

VOC Content: 0 Grams/Liter



Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Installation Guide



Visit our new Specification Data Portal for all product documentation for LEED v4, WELL, ILBC, Green Globes, CSI 3-Part Specs, and more.


  • 4
    Product goes down easily

    Posted by Unknown on May 9th 2019

    The product applies nicely and is easily a one person job.

  • 5
    I will definitely be using this again!

    Posted by Christine Stratton on Apr 11th 2019

  • 5
    Acri Soy Sealer

    Posted by Guido on Dec 4th 2018

    Shipped quickly even here to Hawaii. The application was straight forward and tools were easy to clean. We used the product on local Eucalyptus Saligna hardwood used for deck boards and railing posts. The sealer preserves and intensified the beautiful red look of the wood. Our major motivation of purchasing the sealer was to prevent the growth of mildew in this tropical climate. Of course, as we just applied the product, only time will tell. Always happy to experiment with innovative, environmentally-friendly products :-)

  • 4
    Wood Sealer

    Posted by sean Kerr on Aug 7th 2018

    The can of sealer went on to the wood fine. I thought the shipping was expensive though. I will find out over time how well it holds I put it on pine that is for 4 foot by 4 foot raised garden beds.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by korie young on May 12th 2018

    I was surprised to see how well this worked. We used it in a small bedroom applied it in sections using a sponge to apply and rags to wipe the excess. It didn't have a strong smell and was easy to use and clean off of you. We did 2 layers, it was dry in about 30 minutes as advertised. It has a nice sheen to it and when you walk on it, it feels smooth. I would totally recommend this product in lieu of the harsh chemical versions (which I was afraid to use).

  • 5
    Love this sealer!

    Posted by J. Scott on Jan 4th 2018

    I am really glad I found this product. Can't say enough about how nice it is to be able to work with this all day and know that I'm not going to have a headache later from breathing dangerous chemicals. It's also nice to be able to let my kids work with me on projects and know they are safe. On top of all that, it works! It even sealed wood that I used a very dusty homemade charcoal stain on. It looks great!

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Michelle DeAnne on May 5th 2017

    I've used the Acri-Soy sealer on several projects, and I will use it again. It is a great quality product and does not harm my lungs, skin, eyes, etc.

  • 5
    I didn't die

    Posted by Christopher  Scherr on Sep 6th 2009

    Okay, I recently found this site and completely used it for my home rennovation. For my house I used the concrete stain for my living rooms, wood stain for the bedroom floors, and sealer for both. First they look great but even better, I didn't die. Yesterday I was applying the sealer coat on the concrete floor, I had an equipment malfunction on my pump sprayers. The hose that was attached the the pump sprayer was torn from the attchent base and sealer promptly sprayed with high velocity the sealant straight into the air. My initial response was the scream a choice word only to find the sealant covering my face, eyes, and in my mouth. I can only assume had it been a toxic product, I probably would probably been in the hospital yesterday. Thank god for Soy still tasted aweful...don't recommend drinking it.

  • 5
    Acri-Soy Sealer

    Posted by Linda P on Feb 2nd 2009

    I used Acri-Soy Satin to reseal my interior concrete overlay floor and it looks better than when new. The finish is a pearly low luster that enhances the texture of the surface, giving it depth and richness. It was easy to apply with a 3/8" nap roller. Thanks for this high quality, earth-friendly product.