Eco-Tuff Quick Prime Clear Primer Sample, 2 Oz

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Eco-Tuff Quick Prime is a multi-surface clear primer compatible with all Eco-Tuff clear and pigmented coatings. It is a fast drying one component non toxic bio-based hybrid chemistry engineered to penetrate, seal, and provide enhanced chemical bonding of topcoats with a beautiful crystal clear finish that will never yellow. Ideally suited for clearcoat applications that require true clarity without a plastic look or feel.

This next generation hybrid polymer is formulated with a proprietary blend of solvent-free resins that include an epoxy-acrylic and bio-based polyurethane dispersions to achieve performance benefits equal to or better than conventional 2K epoxy, varnish, and acrylic water-based primers. Dry to touch is within 15 to 60 minutes, depending on environmental conditions, for a faster topcoat installation. The bio-based mixture is derived from renewable resources that eliminates the need for toxic petro-based additives or solvents.

Typical Coverage: 300 - 400 square feet per gallon.
Depending on surface porosity, texture, film thickness, and application method.

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